D-2 - Agust D


Agust D

  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2020-05-22
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2020 BIGHIT MUSIC / HYBE


Title Artist Time
Moonlight Agust D 2:43 USD 0.99
Daechwita Agust D 3:45 USD 0.99
What do you think? Agust D 3:02 USD 0.99
Strange (feat. RM) Agust D 3:16 USD 0.99
28 (feat. NiiHWA) Agust D 2:13 USD 0.99
Burn It (feat. MAX) Agust D 3:12 USD 0.99
People Agust D 3:17 USD 0.99
Honsool Agust D 3:39 USD 0.99
Interlude : Set me free Agust D 2:20 USD 0.99
Dear my friend (feat. Kim Jong Agust D 4:52 USD 0.99


  • August D

    By diabeticS😀
    Have you ever heard suga sing before ? Amazing 😻P.S. this album is very addictive
  • D-2

    By keyoongi
    HIS VOICE- 😽
  • Phenomenal 🤟🏾

    By 😁🎁
    I really appreciate how Suga/Agust D isn’t afraid to tackle the, how can I say “unpopular “ topics in his music and that is what makes it that much more meaningful. Daechwita is pretty good and Strange is something I’m really glad Suga wrote about and produced. I love Yoongi’s voice in People. Dear My Friends had me pretty emotional because of how much I can relate but also they way he expressed himself in the song. Also the guy featured in that song, you have a lovely voice. I play this album ALL.THE.TIME. It’s that freaking good!!!!!!!!! Min Yoongi, I really admire and have a deep respect for you. I hope I can tell you that in person one day ( though I’m not sure how I can considering I don’t have much financially, but I’ll find a way in a non-saesang way.) Suga, you infire man! 😂💜🇰🇷 Also just a side note, am I the only one who sees SUGA, Min Yoongi, and Agust D as 3 separate persons but at the same time 1 in the same? To the hater: STOP! Just stop with all the hate. I hate it that people like to criticize Suga just because he’s Korean and can rap. You can be any race you want and can still rap no matter your language. It’s not just a black thing. I am black and I LOVE!, yes let me repeat that for those of you in the back, LOVE! Suga’s rapping. In fact, I listen to him more than the rappers I grew up listening to. Stop trying to turn everything into a race thing and just listen to what he and even BTS has to say for a change.
  • Awesome

    By Mrsbigwilk
    Fabulous album! Lyrics, music, rap, singing! I love the Korean language! Yoongi is a Genius!
  • Such a good album

    By whodoesntlikekpop?
    Tbh my bias never disappoints
  • Amazing

    By fattimmythicc
    I love it
  • Impressive

    By Jade2Go
    I’m amazed at how SUGA showed his writing style and rapping ability in his own music. Then again I’m a huge fan of BTS - so I was not too shocked at how amazing the album turned out!!! #suga
  • Literally fire

    By yoongles.com
    Literally fire. Yoongi you did fracking amazing...
  • Legend

    By kpopstan92
    Min Yoongi rap is so far advanced that it can’t be reached. I enjoy his music so much because it makes me feel so much emotion.
  • The best

    By lilly_33
    The diversity is extraordinary. The production of the songs is unique. I simply love it!

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