Blue Christmas

Elvis Presley & Martina McBride

  • Genre: Holiday
  • Release Date: 1964-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:36

Music Video


  • Yeah!

    By Jeeterville
    My Main Man! ….Go get um baby!….. Burn!…..Yeah!…….-Peace&loveGWH
  • ELVIS!!!!

    By Elvis Presley35
    AHHHHHHHH!!! That is all I can say about him...he was in my favorite suit...and WOW was SMOKIN'!!!!
  • Blue Christmas

    By tporshia
    AWESOME! Need I say more!

    By JJaramillo
    wow! I got goose bumps all over my body watching this video LOVE IT!!
  • Wow

    By Ej1234
    I have never listened to Elvis before and he's amazing 
  • Elvis & Martina

    By Gilmat
    This video is AWESOME!!!!!!! Martina is great with The King
  • Elvis

    By Czweck
    I love Elvis and the only one that should be able to make a video singing with him is his daughter. The rest seriously is an insult to the man and his talent. If I want to hear him sing I will listen to him only not some wannabes pretending to sing with him. I swear people will do anything to make money off him it is just wrong!! All you people pretending to sing with Elvis need to sit your a**es the Fu*k down!!
  • Es mi mejor artista en ingles

    By Isai urquilla
    Difisil olvidar a este joven de muchisimo talento yo Amis 30 es mi faborito en ingles lamentamos su partida tan trajica pero nos dejo lo mejor de su interior su talento y amor biy Elvis amigo.
  • When you say "ELVIS" you've said it all

    By Bama Music Man
    And I thought Elvis was dead!! Proof he's clearly not. He's not even aged!! Amazing!! But it's a really good video, but I don't understand why the producers & arrangers didnt have Martina McBride sing some harmony instead of all melody with the King. Still good. Saw him the first night he was on the Dorsey Brothers show. His talent then was unmatched and it still is today. Take a back seat, all you "singers" out there. You will NEVER measure up to Greatest Of All!!
  • So Real

    By billyku
    Elvis looks so good! iTunes needs to sell more of his videos. BillyK

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