Letter To You - Bruce Springsteen

Letter To You

Bruce Springsteen

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2020-10-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2020 Bruce Springsteen


Title Artist Time
One Minute You're Here Bruce Springsteen 2:57 USD Album Only
Letter To You Bruce Springsteen 4:55 USD 1.29
Burnin' Train Bruce Springsteen 4:03 USD Album Only
Janey Needs A Shooter Bruce Springsteen 6:49 USD Album Only
Last Man Standing Bruce Springsteen 4:05 USD Album Only
The Power Of Prayer Bruce Springsteen 3:36 USD Album Only
House Of A Thousand Guitars Bruce Springsteen 4:30 USD Album Only
Rainmaker Bruce Springsteen 4:56 USD Album Only
If I Was The Priest Bruce Springsteen 6:50 USD Album Only
Ghosts Bruce Springsteen 5:54 USD Album Only
Song For Orphans Bruce Springsteen 6:13 USD Album Only
I'll See You In My Dreams Bruce Springsteen 3:29 USD Album Only


  • Love the First Song!

    By Morazarom
    So far, "Letter to You," sounds like the old NJ Boss. I havent liked what he's done for a while now, but this sounds like the songs of my youth in NJ and I like this song, definitely gonna give this record a try. In other news, look at all the toothless inbred fascist-followers coming here to dump on record and an artist that questions their cruel and ignorant agenda. Get a life people! get an education! Marry someone you can't call "kin."
  • Same Sound 😞

    By JimmyLee69
    Heard one Springsteen song you heard them all ! Nothing changes with this guy
  • An Artists journey

    By Lisa Hartmen
    Western Stars was a masterpiece . His best record since Nebraska in my opinion. This new record is gonna be gods old fashion jersey fun . We know he can write , now he what’s play music with his friends. Warms my heart .
  • Sweet and soulful

    By smoky banjo
    There is a sweetness in his voice that we've known for so long. Right now, we need to hear from our warrior artists, who have fought for good. God Bless Bruce Springsteen. Timing is gratefully perfect, his voice sounds healthy and the melody is classic Bruce. Bravo!
  • Never liked Springsteen.

    By Pharoah2011
    Never liked Springsteen.
  • Terrible

    By Bigdunn22
    In my review to you, Bruce it’s time to hang it up.
  • Boring Dinosuar

    By rolling stoone
    Go away.
  • sound of the people

    By Electric Skydog
    Working men & women, hot coffee, pick up trucks and day by day life rolled into a musical sound. Been wondering when he would show up and put one over the fence.
  • All the weaknesses gone!

    By Ralph and Martha Wright
    No synth washes, no dumb politics, no fussy overproduction or trend chasing, he’s not doing the cowboy shtick, no Woody Guthrie pantomime, and no Patti vocals! Sounds vintage and great, although no sax. Recording quickly and spontaneously, like Dylan, suits Springsteen. This is awesome.
  • My letter to you

    By Meredith in KC
    I was hoping it really was to me, Bruce you left me behind in 1985. It was in Kansas City and I was the one with the long blonde hair and big brown eyes who knew every word of your lyrics. At least that’s how I remember it. You make great soulful stuff and this is no exception. Thank you.

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